Many people consider bodywork therapy to be a form of energy medicine or bioenergetics. This is, in part, because virtually all the tissues in the body generate electrical fields when they are compressed or stretched (known as the piezoelectric effect). Some hands-on techniques are also believed to impact energy (qi) by stimulating acupuncture points, such as in shiatsu, acupressure and Jin Shin Do.

During the past century, much of the focus of modern medicine has been on the application of 'chemical energy' in the form of pharmaceuticals to treat disease. This has been helpful in many ways but has also been problematic, in that drugs do not always address the root cause of illness. Sometimes medications can cause unwanted side effects or even lead to more harmful consequences.

In recent decades, a new paradigm has been emerging that expands our view of the human being beyond its biochemical identity to one that is more fundamentally energetic and informational in nature. Scientific researchers are exploring the concept of sophisticated high-speed communication channels in our living connective tissue matrix capable of rapidly affecting tissues, cellular processes, and even DNA expression. We know that all tissues and organs produce specific magnetic pulsations that are called biomagnetic fields. The concept of organizing fields that collectively guide processes in the body is being explored by a variety of disciplines. Additionally, the principles of quantum physics are not only being studied to develop the next generation of computers but to find better ways to understand the complexities and marvels of the human body and healing.

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