Why is biofeedback-assisted relaxation training helpful or necessary?

Many people have forgotten what it feels like to relax, to feel rested and to be at ease. Under constant stress, the body readjusts to a permanently higher level of tension, so that after a while, it feels normal to be keyed up. Other people can relax but it takes them hours or even days to do so. Some people can relax only by going to sleep. They have forgotten that it’s possible to be mentally alert and physically relaxed at the same time. With the aid of modern electronic equipment, a person can learn once again to listen to his or her body; to be aware of rising levels of tension and to relax voluntarily when appropriate.

There are many benefits of learning these physical self-regulation strategies. One benefit that many people report is increased energy, because energy is no longer being wasted on maladaptive tension. People may also notice increased alertness and improved efficiency and productivity because of less time spent ‘spinning one’s wheels’. Others may notice improvement in their physical appearance and overall health. The body has a great capacity to heal itself and return itself to normal function under conditions of deep relaxation.

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