Are all physical therapist facilities the same?

No. As with physicians, most physical therapists move into different areas of specialization by continuing education programs post-graduation. Still, most outpatient physical therapy (PT) facilities offer brief modality treatment (e.g. hot pack, ultrasound) and are geared towards exercise and strength training. Given recent changes in healthcare and insurance reimbursement, treatment at these clinics often necessitates that the therapist see two to four patients simultaneously in order for the facility to be financially viable. This may mean that the client is unlikely to get a high degree of personalized care and that actual 'hands-on' treatment is kept to a minimum. Although Integrative Therapies also utilizes modality treatments and exercise therapies, what distinguishes us most from other rehabilitation facilities is our personalized one-on-one care and the high skill level associated with our manual therapy. When appropriate, we also integrate physical therapy treatment with other services at the center such as biofeedback and acupuncture.