My doctor says there is nothing wrong with me. Am I a candidate for physical therapy?

Many of our patients have had the experience where in going to their doctor, they underwent testing and investigations, possibly including X-rays and MRIs only to be told that these were negative. This is very difficult for a person to accept when they know that they are having severe pain. However, the physician specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and pathological processes. When the testing is negative, this is extremely good news. The next step for you may be to schedule an appointment for physical therapy. Our evaluation is intended to help uncover some of the factors contributing to your pain or dysfunction. Soft tissue (e.g., muscle, fascia and ligament) problems, biomechanical imbalance and stress can cause a person to experience significant levels of pain, even in the absence of actual disease or obvious structural damage. Your therapist will be happy to work with you to help you find ways to reduce your discomfort and improve your functional abilities.