What should I wear to my evaluation and treatment sessions?

For most physical therapy evaluations, we do a thorough musculoskeletal and postural assessment. This is true even if you are dealing with what seems to be a fairly isolated problem. If possible, please bring a formfitting tank top and shorts that will allow your therapist to see the structure of your body. If you do not have a tank top, oftentimes, a T-shirt will do. For women, a sports bra will also be appropriate. If you are in work or street clothes, you will be given an opportunity to change. If somehow you forget to bring something that you would be comfortable in, we usually have evaluation clothes available that you can use. It is likely that you will be in socks or barefooted during your evaluation, so special shoes will not be needed.

Typically for therapy sessions, comfortable, loose-fitting attire will be appropriate. This will allow you to move freely during exercise or movement therapies and make it easier for your therapist to address your body when doing manual therapy. The appropriate garments for your sessions may vary depending on your plan of care. Feel free to ask your therapist what might be best for you, given your treatment plan.