Additional nonpharmacological services are offered in our Nutrition Department. Dietary counseling, food sensitivity testing and other assessment and wellness interventions are available. Nutritional services can be received as the focal point of care or can be incorporated into a holistic plan that includes other therapies.

For those who like to join with others on their wellness quest, Integrative Therapies offers group activities and classes such as Yoga for Health, The Guidepost Series (body awareness and relaxation), Trager® Mentastics and Awareness Through Movement class. Please see our calendar for dates and times.

Many of our patients are referred by their physicians for help with chronic pain problems such as headaches, low back pain, TMJ dysfunction, fibromyalgia, pelvic pain and myofascial pain syndrome. Integrative Therapies also offers services for those dealing with physical injuries, personal traumas, chronic fatigue, incontinence and a variety of other physical and emotional concerns. A referral from your doctor is typically not required to receive care at the center. However, it is often helpful for those seeking rehabilitation services to coordinate care with their treating physicians.

More information about our treatment programs is available on our Services page and under Conditions We Treat. We also invite you to give us a call (336-294- 0910) so that we can answer any questions that you may have.

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