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Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle form of body therapy that is based on the principle that our body can remember how to heal itself. The practitioner 'listens' to the body through light touch, then allows or introduces movement which is intended to release restrictions and reintroduce the natural flow of health.

The theory behind craniosacral (CS) work:

  • The brain produces a fluid which circulates within the skull and flows up and down the spine. This is called cerebrospinal fluid. There is a rhythm or pulse created by the pumping of this fluid, like the pulse from our heart and circulatory system, but much more subtle.
  • The bones throughout our bodies are in continual motion as the cerebrospinal fluid is pumped. One of the ways CS rhythm can be detected is through touching the bones. Each bone has its own natural movement. When a particular bone has a non-normal movement, it indicates that there is a restriction in the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. Restrictions can be caused by physical or emotional traumas. For example, injuries from a car accident, sport activities, accidental falls or birth complications can be locked in the body. Emotional traumas may also be stored with the effects of the events influencing our body until they are released.
  • All nerves in our body originate somewhere along the path from the brain down through the spinal cord. If there is an impedance to the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid, then it can be felt as pain anywhere in the body.

The therapist is trained to detect tiny variations in movement of the rhythm or pulse of the cerebrospinal fluid and in the movement of the bones. Then they perform techniques called 'holds' which will free up the flow.

Craniosacral Therapy has been used on many conditions to aid in recovery from symptoms associated with chronic pain, TMJ dysfunction, headaches, head and neck trauma, mood disorders, sleep disorders, attention deficit disorder, birth trauma, surgical or dental procedures and others. The work requires sensitivity and respect for the body's wisdom. While certain conditions or diseases create similar patterns, each person is unique in how their body needs to be treated.

What will it feel like?

To the observer, the treatment can seem passive and uneventful. Many of the movements are imperceptible to the recipient on a conscious level. People vary in their sensitivity to their body and its sensations. Some people experience emotions, memories, physical sensations, insights into patterns or problems in their lives. Other people feel like they have gone to sleep. Regardless of what the conscious mind is aware of, this work has the potential to tap into the nervous system and subconscious levels, rendering a profound influence on mind/body health.


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