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At Integrative Therapies, The Feldenkrais Method® is utilized to help you learn how to let go of postural and biomechanical habits which may contribute to dysfunction and pain. The goal is to learn how to maintain a comfortable and functional posture as well as a way of moving that requires less effort and is more efficient.

There are two main ways in which Feldenkrais® movement re-education is offered to clients. One, called Awareness Through Movement, is provided in a class format. Here participants learn how to become aware of the way that they move their bodies and are given choices in how to exchange habitual movement for improved function, resulting in greater mobility and coordination. Please see our Calendar for dates and times.

The second form of Feldenkrais Movement Therapy is called Functional Integration® and is provided in one-on-one sessions where the therapist utilizes small mobilizations to give you a greater sense of your body position and movement. Ultimately, it can help your body's 'circuitry' to reorganize neurologically so that movement and posture become integrated for optimal function.

Some of the benefits of The Feldenkrais Method® include increased flexibility and agility, reduced tension and decreased susceptibility to injury. Many who have received Feldenkrais training also report the experience of enhanced physical skill levels and improved quality of life.

This form of neuromuscular therapy is effective for any client, ranging from those with severe neurological impairment to athletes seeking to improve performance. Joy Shelnutt, PT provides Feldenkrais Functional Integration sessions at the center, often in conjunction with other forms of manual therapy and physical therapy modalities. Clients who enjoyed the Feldenkrais Method may also find the Trager Approach® pleasurable and beneficial.

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