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Physical Therapy Greensboro NC

The physical therapy and integrative medical team at Integrative Therapies is comprised of specialized healthcare providers who work with you to help relieve your pain and get you back to enjoying your activities at home, work and play. Our compassionate and knowledgeable physician and therapists are dedicated to supporting your well-being through quality patient-centered care and education that empowers you long after you finish your program at the center. Whether you are dealing with an injury, localized pain, widespread discomfort or are just not able to do the things you used to do, we are here to help. We treat many common problems such as neck pain, back pain and arthritis, but also have unique specialty programs to help you on your path to wellness. Please see Conditions We Treat for more information on the types of health concerns that are addressed by our rehabilitation team. To learn more about integrative and regenerative medicine, click here.

Holistic One-on-One Care

Integrative Therapies’ physical therapy program is unique in its holistic one-on-one approach to patient care. During each treatment session, you can expect to receive the undivided attention of your therapist for the duration of the therapeutic hour. Upon your first visit, one of our physical therapists or medical doctor will perform a thorough evaluation to assess your injury or condition. They will partner with you to establish therapeutic goals and an individualized treatment program that guides you on your path to healing. Depending on your plan of care, your rehabilitation team will utilize therapies to help you reduce pain; improve your flexibility and range of motion; enhance posture, balance and coordination and rebuild strength when needed. Some rehabilitation treatments offered at the center actually focus on regenerating and repairing damaged tissue.

Many of the modalities, physical therapy tools, and specialized rehabilitation programs offered at Integrative Therapies are listed below:

Manual Therapy   Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation
Therapeutic Exercise   McKenzie Method®
Neuromuscular Re-Education   Mechanical Traction
Therapeutic Activities   Ergonomics & Postural Restoration
Ultrasound   Dry Needling
Iontophoresis   Kinesio Taping Method®
Phonophoresis   Surface Electromyography
Thermal Therapy   Infrared Light Therapy
Electrical Stimulation   Paraffin Bath
TENS Application   Trigger Point Therapy
Alpha-Stim®   Therapeutic Yoga
Vestibular Rehabilitation   Myofascial Release (MFR)
Women's Health Program   Craniosacral Therapy
Regenerative Medicine   Prolotherapy

The 'Integrative' Approach to PT & Physical Medicine

Our approach to treatment is based on the belief that partnership and understanding are very important in the recovery process. Your rehabilitation physician or therapist may spend part of your treatment time helping you learn more about your physical condition and what you can do on your own to speed up your recovery and maintain the gains that you have made in therapy.

The initial stages of physical rehabilitation often involve manual therapy techniques or what is sometimes referred to as bodywork. These sessions can provide powerful experiences for developing self-awareness and skills to help you get a handle on managing your symptoms. The type of manual therapy that you receive depends largely on the results of your postural assessment and other findings in your PT evaluation. The type of therapy used also depends on how far you have progressed in the rehabilitation process. Most clients, however, undergo some treatment with manual therapy to aid in postural balancing, pain reduction and improvement in muscle and joint function.

During this phase of treatment, the therapist may employ techniques of soft tissue mobilization and myofascial release to 'unravel' the affected areas, starting with the most superficial tissues, then moving toward the deeper structures. This stage of treatment is complemented with individually prescribed stretches to help maintain healthy muscle balance between sessions. Individuals with pain radiating to the arms or legs may be encouraged to perform gentle extension or flexion exercise to help reduce or 'centralize' pain. Your therapist or rehab physician may also address trigger points and referred pain with manual neuromuscular therapy and other techniques such as dry needling or trigger point injections.

While pain and symptom reduction can be very important, the integrative approach tends not to be focused on treating the symptom, but on addressing the underlying causative factors that maintain pain and other health issues. Clients may receive instruction in helpful ergonomic adjustments, guidance in postural re-education and training in flexibility and relaxation exercises. Body awareness and pain management may also be facilitated by surface EMG monitoring, biofeedback or movement therapies such as Trager® and the Feldenkrais Method®.

The early stages of the rehabilitation process are aimed at creating muscle balance, decompressing the joints, reducing pain and modifying compensatory movements. In the later stages, emphasis may be placed on stabilization, conditioning exercises and regenerative medical treatments that help repair and strengthen weakened structures and independence in a home program or therapeutic exercise class. At any time during your physical medicine and rehabilitation program, you are also welcome to explore other health care disciplines to help optimize therapeutic outcomes.

The holistic approach to physical therapy and integrative medicine recognizes the importance of the mind-body connection and the role that stress and other mental and emotional factors can play in symptom development and recovery from illness and injury. Empowerment and skill building may be fostered through biofeedback, hypnosis, stress management training and counseling. Health and well-being can also be supported through proper nutrition and life style coaching. The team at Integrative Therapies appreciates the value of ancient healing traditions and the utility of such interventions as acupuncture and Oriental medicine to promote wellness.

Each person is unique and our goal is to tailor make your treatment program to fit your needs and incorporate specific therapies that will provide the best support in reaching your goals. Your primary physical therapist will meet with you on a regular basis to assess your progress and to partner with you in making decisions about whether a focused PT approach or a more broad and integrative strategy will serve you best at each phase on your path to wellness. Recovery rarely follows a straight line. There are usually ups and downs but we will be with you every step of the way!


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