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'Trager® work is one of the least invasive forms of bodywork, using gentle rocking and bouncing motions to induce states of deep, pleasant relaxation. It helps facilitate the nervous system's communication with the muscles, so that it can be used as a method of rehabilitation - especially by people suffering from traumatic injuries, post-polio syndrome, and other chronic neuromuscular problems.'
Andrew Weil, M.D., Author of Spontaneous Healing, Director, Program in Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona, Tucson

The Trager approach was developed over a 50 year period by Milton Trager, M.D., former dancer, boxer and physician in private practice who began teaching his work in 1977. During its early days, this form of neuromuscular re-education was often referred to as Trager Psychophysiological Integration because of its unique way of facilitating communication between the mind and body.

The hallmark of Trager bodywork is its gentleness and the practitioner's use of rhythmic movements to bring about a sense of lightness, deep mental relaxation and a feeling of ease and joy in one's own body. To communicate this feeling state, practitioners use the language of movement: gentle rocking, swinging, stretching and pressing the body. The Trager therapist works within the client's pain-free range to provide a sense of comfort and effortlessness in motion.

While Trager bodywork is a light and gentle, its influence can be profound and deep. It can have penetrating effects on the nervous system, the muscles and the functioning of the joints. Massage and passive joint manipulation essentially work from the surface of the body in. Trager® works from inside the joint out, creating a pervasive, ever deepening sense of tactile enjoyment and well-being. This form of manual therapy is intended not simply to increase range of motion, but to restore unconscious healthy movement patterns. The benefits of Trager often last longer than other treatments, as it re-patterns the movement centers of the brain for more comfortable, efficient movement. Trager can be enjoyed on its own or can be used to provide great benefits to patients as part of their physical therapy and rehabilitation program.

In addition to being helpful for those with compromised muscle and joint function, Trager can be wonderfully supportive in dealing with emotional trauma, frail physical states and chronic pain, as in fibromyalgia. Trager bodywork can gently nurture people, enveloping them in sensations of comfort, pleasure and peace. An experienced Trager therapist can facilitate a sense of safety while at the same time allowing the client to enjoy waves of pleasure on their path to healing.

The goal of Trager is not only to assist the client in relaxing the mind-body through rhythmic movement patterns, but to teach people to reproduce these rhythmic explorations for themselves. In order to help clients continue their development of new patterns and new capacities, they are often taught Trager Mentastics®. These are fun, playful, free flowing movements that can be done independently and help to integrate mind/body awareness into everyday life. Mentastics are taught individually and in group classes at the center.


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